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Ussuri tiger

After the Ussuri tiger tracks
The Ussuri Tiger (Panthera tigris altaica), also known as the Siberian Tiger, the Manchurian Tiger, or the Amur Tiger, is a rare and large-sized subspecies of tiger-the largest of all. Mature males have an average length (with tail) of up to 400 cm (157 in), and shoulder height of 100 cm (39 in). It weighs 180 – 300 kg. Record weight recorded was 385 kg.
Females are much smaller  - 100 – 166 kg. 
The Amur Tiger is confined completely to the Southeast of Russia, along the rivers Amur and Ussuri, It can be found throughout the Primorye Territory and the eastern part of the Khabarovsk Territory.
It’s an endangered specie – according to the latest studies there are about 415 – 470 Ussuri tigers left. Ussuri tiger is enlisted in the USDI (1972) in the Red Book MSOP and Attachment 1 CITES (1975). Hunt is not allowed since 1947.

We offer an ecological tour “after the Ussuri tiger tracks” with the accommodation at a comfortable base in Lazo area (log cabins for 2- 3 persons in each powered by solar and wind energy, sauna, dining rooms, bed linen). Snow machines and cars are used for daily transportations.
The territory of the forest reserve, where the base is situated, is a constant area of habitat of several Ussuri tigers (a male, two females and a cub).
The base owner is Russian scientist who worked with Discovery Channel and Japanese NHK documentary series.
The base owner  is also a popular writer of articles, photos, books and albums about the nature and wildlife of Ussuri taiga.
During the tour you will walk with the guide after fresh tigers’ tracks and learn a lot about the Ussuri tiger, its way of life, its habits and character, you will listen to the stories of meeting a tiger on the trail and possibly see a tiger to bring home photos and unforgettable impressions. You will help the guide to place photo traps on the trail and on the return you’ll get the photos of the tigers that you were tracking during the tour. Your safety is guaranteed by skilful and experienced guides.
During your trips in Ussuri taiga you’ll also have a chance to see Ussuri wild boars, Manchurian wapiti, roe deers, sables and other animals of Ussuri taiga as well as Himalayan bear dens. You will also visit trapper’s cabin in taiga, learn about his job of catching sable and try regular trappers’ meals.
The tour is arranged throughout the winter season (November 15 – April 10) but the best seasons are November 25 – December 10 when the temperatures are not too low about -5 -15 C’ at a daytime and about -10 – 20C’ at night.
Visitors can be provided with the outfit of Russian hunters made by special orders without additional charges (warm and light boots, jackets and pants that are used by the local trappers and hunters).

We can also include in your itinerary a visit to the Wild Animals Rehabilitation Center that gives shelter to sick and wounded wild animals and their young, treating them to health and releasing into the wild.
The main tourist attraction of the Center and its oldest inhabitant is the Ussuri tiger Lutiy (that means ‘savage beast’). The animals are kept in spacious open-air cages. Observation decks for animal viewing, photography and videotaping are available.

Area / river

Lazo area / Khor river / Private forest reserve  


by car / motor transport (3 hours)


a stationary base: log cabins (for 2 – 3 persons each), a sauna, wind and solar electric stations, linen.


November 15 – April 10


full board (meat of wild animals, eggs, salmon, vegetable and fruit, Russian national dishes)

Tour duration

8 day tour (6 days / 5 nights at the base)*
* more or less days can be planned

Number of clients in a group

2 – 10 ÷åë

Approximate Itinerary
Day 1              Arrival to the airport of Khabarovsk. Transfer to a hotel. Overnight.
Day 2               Breakfast. Transfer to the base by car (3 hours). Lunch. Half day tour program.
Day 3 – 6        Tour programs – “After the Ussuri tiger tracks” with the use of snow machines / car / some skiing at the clients’ wish. Accommodation at the base. Full board. Daily sauna.
Day 7               Breakfast. Half day tour. Lunch. Transfer to Khabarovsk. Overnight at a hotel.
Day 8               Transfer to the airport. Departure to the home country.
* Tour can be planned with one or no overnights in Khabarovsk.

Option price includes:
-  visa support, meeting at the airport, hotel reservation,
- 2 transfers in Khabarovsk Airport – Hotel - Airport,
- transportation to the base at the forest reserve;
- full services at the base: : tour program, full board, guide, daily snow machines / car transportations, sauna,
- interpreter service for the whole trip;

Option price does not include:
- hotel and meals in Khabarovsk if planned

Please contact our office in Khabarovsk for more information and tour price:

E-mail: spartak-tour@mail.ru
Òåë. (4212) 30 43 68, 31 38 58 òåë./ôàêñ: (4212) 21 06 40