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Okhotsk snow sheep(Ovis nivicola alleni) There is a good deal of geographic variation in coloration and pattern, but essentially the summer coat is a light yellowish-gray that turns a grizzled grayish-brown in winter. Front of neck, shoulders and legs, dorsal stripe and tail are brown. Rump patch, belly and back of legs are whitish. Face, crown and back of neck are white, and a distinctive brown band crosses the face between eyes and nose.
Okhotsk snow sheep has the largest white area on the forehead of all snow sheep, as well as the largest body size - identical to Kamchatka bighorn. The full-grown male Snow Sheep weights about 80-110 kg. The ends of horns are more pressed to the head compared to other snow sheep. Typical horns of the male sheep are 85 95 cm.

Distribution Suitable mountain habitat East of the Lena River, including the Yablonovy, Stanovoi and Dzug Dzhur Mountians, West of Magadan and South of 62º N. Sheep are found at the height of 800-1800 meters above the sea level.
Population. Present-day population of this species is about 7500 heads.

Trophy size. Trophies taken in Okhotsky area range between 80 100 cm. The biggest trophy bagged in the region was the Snow Sheep with 104 cm (41 inches) long horns.

Hunting: Snow Sheep hunting is hard and physically challenging, it requires certain physical shape and mountain hunting experience (slopes of 300 1.500 meters). The main techniques of hunt are hunting by approach and from ambush. Experience personal guides are provided.

Accommodation. A temporary tent camping is arranged in mountains at 800 -1000 m. close to the place of Snow Sheep habitat. Each hunter is provided with a personal windproof tent. There is a separate large tent for dining. The camp is equipped with a field bath-house, a field toilet and a mobile electric power station.
An optimal size of a hunting group is two hunters. For larger groups (over 3 hunters) 2 camps are set up. Each camp is provided with two hunting guides (a personal guide for each hunter), a camp-worker, a cook and an interpreter. You will find very good food and qualitative service.

Hunting season - August 01 September 10

Days of hunt - 10 days

Number of hunters in a group - 2 4 persons

Additional trophies - bear, caribou, moose

Helicopter lease is necessary to get to the hunting area in the highlands - from 2,5 hours (about 40 min. one way).

Approximate Itinerary
1st day Arrival to the airport of Khabarovsk. Overnight at a hotel.
2nd day Departure to Okhotsk by local airline. helicopter flight to the hunting area.
3 12 days 10 days of hunt with a personal guide, full board, accommodation in tents.
13 day Flight to Okhotsk by helicopter. Departure for Khabarovsk. Overnight.
14 day Departure to the home country from the airport of Khabarovsk.

How to get to Khabarovsk
- through Seoul (Seoul Khabarovsk Seoul by Asiana or Aeroflot)
- through Moscow (Moscow Khabarovsk Moscow by Aeroflot / S7 / Transaero)

Weather conditions The daylight temperature is from +10C C up to +25C and during night it can fall down to 0C

You need to take with you
- personal hunting equipment,
- light warm waterproof camouflage clothes,
- special footwear,
- binoculars,
- range finder,
- wader/waterproof overalls,
- individual sleeping-bags,
- backpacks,
- repellents,
- sunglasses,
- photo camera,
- flashlight,
- personal medicine,
- towels and toilet articles.

Option price includes:
- Visa support, meeting at the airport of Khabarovsk and assistance in customs clearance,
- transfers with interpreter in Khabarovsk;
- helicopter lease to the hunting area and back;
- full service at the camp: full board, personal guide, interpreter service;
- gun permit;
- initial trophy preparation,
- license, international veterinary certificate.

The option price does not include:
- hotel in Khabarovsk;
- airfare to Okhotsk.

Hunt cost is calculated for each group separately depending on the number of hunters and hunting area.

For more detailed information and costs please contact our office spartak-tour@mail.ru